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Join our Affiliate Program and earn 20% Commission + 10% Residual Commission!
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Affiliate Program - $399.99
The Affiliate Program was built by John D. Hoover Jr, the Affiliate Marketing Director for Virtual Imagination, Inc., and includes what most Affiliate Program's don't offer.  Fully Customizable.  Features Commissions, Payments by Month, Stats, Affiliate Payment Info, Graphs, and Social Media Advertisements.
   • Affiliate Program Offline Advertising Module - $199.99
Let your Affiliates Advertise Offline.  Includes full tracking with the Affiliate's name on business cards.
   • Affiliate Program Campaign Tracking Module - $199.99
Enable Campaign Tracking for your Affiliates.  Build any Campaign in two steps.  With Campaign Name, and sub-campaign variables for Full Control.  Includes Filtered Campaign Info in Statistics.
Affiliate Program w/ all options - $699.99
For businesses that want to win with Affiliate Marketing.  All options enabled.
(Under Construction)
Banner Exchange - $299.99
Host your own Banner Exchange.  Features a 1:100 Ratio (Customizable), full tracking, hits in, impressions, and a conversion percentage for Banners.  Get your Banner Exchange Logo out there and boost popularity of your site!
Message Board - $199.99
Make your site more relevant.  Increase keyword density and content while providing a valuable service.   Only 3 scripts to install.
Best Sites - Topsites - $199.99
Be a leader.  Get your site out there and boost your visibilty with the Rate My Site Logo.  Includes a rank by hits in, hits out, and a Percentage Rating with number of votes.
Events - $399.99
Offer your own Events Service.  Good for Niche Marketing and getting users around your product with relevant Events.
   Events - Stream Events to User Websites Addon Module - $299.99
Let your users receive the Events they want.  Searchable by City, State, and Country.
Coming Soon!
Business Management Suite - $999.99
Run your whole Business.  Includes Affiliate Program (with Offline Advertisng & Campaign Tracking Modules).   Order Management System includes: Order Management, Product Management, Print Receipts, Manage Inventory, plus includes Finance Modules which document, and reporting of popular tax forms, such as 1120, 1125-A (Cost of Goods Sold), 940, 941, and tax calculations for 1040.   Quarterly Sales Reporting for all businesses.  Data entry input forms, user management, Notes and Minutes, and more.  Password Protected.   Includes PHP Shopping Cart (Auto Ship Module is included.) & Payment Forms to generate orders.  A complete Business System for an Online Business.
Shopping Cart - $199.99
Add a Shopping Cart to your site.  Fully Configurable, includes Coupon Discounts, Percentage Disccounts, Cart Summary on Checkout Form, Shipping Address, Billing Address and Payment Options.  Fully integratable.  Connects to any Merchant Account.
(Under Construction)
   • Shopping Cart Auto-Ship Module $299.99
Let your customers select if they want the Product auto-shipped.  Includes parser which auto creates order in Management System and deducts the inventory.  Runs nightly.
Catalog Storefront - $299.99
Run your own Internet Store.  Includes Product Catalog, MySQL Connection and Tables.  Includes PHP Shopping Cart.  Internet Store is only 2 scripts, one for Product Summary, and one for Product Detail.  Includes Accesory links, Contact & About Links.  MySQL Powered.  Fully Editable.
Link Directory - $199.99
A Link Directory which includes link add form, total links, link detail, rating, and date added.   Features a link parser which runs every night to check for bad links and removes them on second day, if any.
Coming Soon!
Buy them all - $1,299.99!
Save $3,099.88!

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