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The Hoover Products Corporation Affiliate Program offers many products you can sell online, and offline, and earn commission.
We pay our Affiliates via Western Union in Cash, and Bank Account Transfer - Worldwide.  Now paying a referral bonus for each new affiliate you signup.

Work from Home!  Put your computer to work and make money from the internet.  Add a link to your website and make money.  Offline Advertising available.  Print your own Business Cards and sell our products. Products range from Energy Enhancers, Business Ideas, People Search and more.  Signup below!
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             Earn 20% Commission + 5% Residual
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Affiliate Program
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Earn 20% Commission + 10% Residual            
Business Idea's
             Earn 30% Commission + 10% Residual
Information Search
Earn 30% Commission + 10% Residual            
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